I teach courses on inequality, gender and politics, political behavior, American politics, political economy, public policy, quantitative research methods, experiments, and data science.  I have taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. I am particulalry excited about teaching interdisiplinary courses that cover topics of inequality, gender, discrimination, and political behavior with an emphasis on empirical (both quantitative and qualitative) social science research.

The United States of Inequality

The University of Utah
Joint Poli Sci/Economics Course
Fall 2022 and Fall 2023

EPS_2500_Syll_Fall 2022.pdf

Gender & Politics

The University of Utah
Spring 2023


American Politics/US National Government

The University of Utah
Spring 2023


Teaching Evaluations

Median Teaching Evaluation: 5 out of 5 for all courses 

Mean Teaching Evaluation: 4.7 out of 5 for all courses

Select Teaching Evaluations from Spring 2023 courses:

Annabelle clearly has a passion for teaching and this subject. You made it interesting and easy to learn and created a respectful but engaging classroom environment. I enjoyed the focus on research and data and acceptance of alternative opinions and perspectives.”

“Annabelle is an absolutely amazing instructor, and it’s clear she cares about her students and our learning more than just surface-level. I absolutely will be taking another course from you, you’re the best!”


“This course was productive. We get stuff done - I never would’ve thought I would’ve learned so much about this topic so quickly – changed my perspective on some things. Great instructor, very friendly, the U is lucky to have her on their team.”


“Prof Hutchinson is an awesome instructor. She cultivates a safe classroom environment and leaves room for many different perspectives and opinions. The course taught information that is very interesting and important.”


“Thank you so much for the awesome semester, I’ve loved having you as a professor! Thanks for sparking my interest in political science & economics, I’m excited to learn more! I really enjoyed learning from you.”

Select Evaluations from PhD Level Advanced Quantitative Methods Course:

"Annabelle helped make theoretical concepts concrete and was infinitely patient"

"Annabelle provided excellent feedback on course assignments which helped to improve understanding of course material and concepts. In addition, she was excellent at clarifying course concepts during section and office hours that may have been unclear during lecture. In many instances, Annabelle provided additional instruction that was instrumental in giving students an understanding of concepts necessary to complete assignments."

Teaching Experience at Yale:

I served as an Instructor (was the sole person responsible for the course material) and a Teaching Fellow for a variety of courses at Yale. Teaching Fellows do much more than simply grading - we teach new material or review material for 1-2 hours a week with up to 36 students.