I teach courses on inequality, gender and politics, political behavior, American politics, political economy, public policy, quantitative research methods, experiments, and data science.  I have taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. I am particulalry excited about teaching interdisiplinary courses that cover topics of inequality, gender, discrimination, and political behavior with an emphasis on empirical (both quantitative and qualitative) social science research.

The United States of Inequality

The University of Utah
Joint Poli Sci/Economics Course
Fall 2022 and Fall 2023

EPS_2500_Syll_Fall 2022.pdf

Gender & Politics

The University of Utah
Spring 2023


American Politics/US National Government

The University of Utah
Spring 2023


Teaching Experience at Yale:

I served as an Instructor (was the sole person responsible for the course material) and a Teaching Fellow for a variety of courses at Yale. Teaching Fellows do much more than simply grading - we teach new material or review material for 1-2 hours a week with up to 36 students.