For Brazoria County High School Students:

I am from West Columbia, Texas, a small town on the Texas gulf coast. I am a strong advocate for the students from my hometown and the broader Brazoria County area. For over a decade now, I have volunteered to help high school students from my area thrive after high school by offering guidance and connecting them with professionals from my broader network that I have gained through my education at Texas A&M and Yale and my work in politics and policy related fields. This honestly is not that much work - if everyone did this for their hometown, the world would be a little better. I do this so that students from my hometown can benefit from the education and experience that I have received and the network I now have. I did not have these resources when I was in high school, and I want to make sure that today's students from my small town have better access to help.

Are you a high school student from Brazoria County? I want to help.

I have years of experience in higher education and a ton of friends who work in various industries and professions - I want to use my experience and network to help you as you plan your life after high school. I can help you with the following:

- Apply to college and scholarships

- Understand college majors, financial aid opportunities, and the application process 

- Edit your college application and scholarship essays

- Prep for college admission exams (SAT and ACT)

- Connect with mentors from my network in numerous professions including science (chemistry, robotics), engineering (NASA, nuclear engineering, mechancial engineering, etc), data science and statistics, health policy (mostly in Texas), health care (doctors, nurses, researchers, dentists, eye doctors, radiologists, etc), law (Texas lawyers, Federal Court Clerks, lawyers in DC, law degrees from Yale, Harvard, Baylor etc), academics and researchers (all kinds!), policy and politics folks, business professionals (MBAs from Yale, Harvard, SMU, etc). Let me connect you with people so you can learn about their careers, jobs, and the pathways they took to getting there.

Students from my hometown and Brazoria County can email me at