About Me

Annabelle Hutchinson, Ph.D. 

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Utah in the Department of Political Science and the Hinckley Institute of Politics. I teach classes on inequality, gender, quantitative methods and data science, political economy, political economy, and American politics. 

I write a monthly Gender & Politics Reserach Newsletter with Bhumi Purohit. You can read and subscribe to the newsletter at the following link: https://genderpoliticsresearch.substack.com

My research interests focus on understanding the role of gender, race, status, and inequality in politics and spans political economy, American and comparative politics, and quantitative methods. My dissertation work and current book project focuses on the intersection of gender and race in the United States and how threats to the economic, social, and political power of white men and women in America affects their attitudes and behaviors.

My broader substantive research agenda focuses on gender, race, status, and economic inequality in the United States and how everyday Americans experience politics and government in their daily lives. My research has been genersouly supported by the Institute for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS), Center for the Study of American Politics (CSAP), the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), the Women's Faculty Forum (WFF) at Yale, and the University of Utah.

My recent publication “Childcare, Work, and Household Labor During a Pandemic: Evidence on Parents’  Preferences in the United States” (with Hilary Matfess and Sarah Khan) investigates how the evaporation of childcare availability and the changes in work status and earnings during the beginning of the 2020 pandemic affected what heterosexual American parents thought was fair in the home. A notable finding from this study shows that both men and women preferred a dollar earned by a man more than a dollar earned by a woman - with women preferring this more intensely than men.

I am currently working with the Academy of Arts and Sciences as a data scientist with the Commission on Reimagining Our Economy, a project led by Jacob Hacker, Kathy Cramer, and Matthew Slaughter. I am working with the academy to create new ways to measure the economic health of local communtiies that go beyond the traditional measures of GDP and wage growth.


Ph.D. Political Science, Yale University, 2023
Fields: Political Economy, American Politics, Quantitative Methods
Committee Members: Frances Rosenbluth (chair), Jacob Hacker, and Sarah Khan
MA and MPhil in Political Science, Yale University 2017, 2018

B.A. Political Science & Economics, Texas A&M University, 2015 

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I am incredibly grateful for the guidance I received from my mentors Frances Rosenbluth (my disseration chair), Jacob Hacker, Sarah Khan, and Ken Meier (my undergraduate advisor). Frances, a political economy scholar with expertise in a wide range of areas including gender, Japan, and democracy, passed away in 2021. You can read a remembrance of Frances here.